FRP Manufacturing - Fiberglass storage tanks for water, wastewater, sewage, sewer and septic tanks.

Fibreglass - The Water and Wastewater Tank of Choice

A variety of materials have been used to construct water, wastewater, sewage, sewer and septic tanks over the years. Systems constructed of non-reinforced concrete or polyethylene and steel do not provide the same benefits of a fiberglass tank. Fibreglass tanks are structurally strong, corrosion-resistant, watertight, lightweight and easy to install.

Whether underground storage tanks are used for storing potable water, fire-protection water, sewage, septic or other water and wastewater applications, designers, owners and installers are finding that fiberglass tanks have major advantages.

Watertight fiberglass tanks provide leak-free storagefor a very long term. This sets them apart from storage systems made of other materials which can be susceptible to problems due to corrosion and leakage. Another clear advantage of fibreglass tanks is that the flexible design options of fiberglass tanks, making them very adaptable to a wide variety of water and wastewater needs. Installation of systems constructed of materials other than fiberglass can be much more difficult, expensive and time consuming than installation of a lightweight fibreglass tank.

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